ARDENT Allies wants to become an extension of your marketing team, a true strategic partner in every sense of the word. Partnering with you to navigate to success that is aligned with your sales goals, budget constraints and political internal dynamics.

Because of our wide breadth of talented allies, we can provide you with the value where you need it most. We provide just the service, creative and skills you need.

Customer Centric

We surround your business with a passionate team dedicated to solving the unique challenges of each of our customers. We are true allies in your continued growth.

Team focused

We are more than simply a collection of talented industry professionals. We are a partnership of shared learning that seeks to grow each of the allies for the common good.

Community engaged

We stand for the common good of the world at large too. We engage with programs that help to improve the lives and health of the communities we live in.

Learn more about what we can do for you and your team.

Strategic management.

Executing on a solid plan is fundamental. We can help you get going down the right path to solid growth.

  • Positioning.
  • Strategy.
  • Account Planning.
  • Budget Management.

Market Intelligence.

Getting to the truth is essential. We can help dive into the data and uncover new opportunities for growth.

  • Primary & Secondary Research.
  • List Management.
  • Multi-platform Analytics.
  • Lead Management.

Messaging & Creative Development.

What you look like and say is important. We can help you develop a solid brand identity that connects with customers.

  • Integrated campaigns.
  • Messaging.
  • Content Creation & Strategy.
  • Digital Development.

Customer Engagement.

Getting the right messages to the right audiences is critical. We can help you build your business by thoughtfully managing all the channels to reach your best customers.

  • CRM Integration.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • PPC, SEO & Social Media.
  • Content Mapping.

Meet some of our allies.

Creative Services

Dean Bressler is a strategic creative director with a passion for creating unique solutions to client communication challenges.

See some of his work history and personal portfolio here.

Customer Engagement

Julie (Cosich) Collins Dedicated to leading people and developing processes that grow business revenue.

Check out her brief biography here.

Market Intelligence

Rebecca Krueger develops strategies rooted in customer insights, pressure tested with data and grounded in gut instincts that stem from her 20+ years delivering meaningful connections to consumers centered on business results.

See her brief biography here.

Creative Services

Tara Smith is a creative strategic partner who specializes in solving client challenges by developing creative solutions.

See some of her work history and personal portfolio here.

Customer Engagement

Wendy Westadt is a knowledgeable client partner, who offers guidance and expertise in all aspects of any project or campaign, from beginning to end.

Read Wendy’s brief biography here.

Creative Services

Polly Schmidt writes for action. Whatever the medium, she brings your brand to life, driving engagement and sales.

Read Polly’s brief biography here.